Mammograms: What is the Controversy around Breast Cancer?

Is breast cancer screening really effective? Is mammography scientifically validated? What is the controversy about? Common sense dictates that discovering a tumor sooner should save lives, reducing mortality. With mammography, though, there are questions about... read more

PSA in possible Prostate Cancer: Helpful or Harmful?

Middle-age or older men and their doctors frequently face one of the most common dilemmas in practice. 50% of men above the age of 55 do experience enlargement of the prostate gland, which impairs urination somewhat. This is called Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and is... read more

Acute Constipation: Common and Easily Relieved

Acute constipation affects 2 to 30% of the general population at least some of the time. Amongst the elderly, this prevalence is 50-75%. People frequently go straight to laxatives as a solution. This is fine if done briefly and infrequently. But it does carry a risk... read more

Flu Shots: Effective or Not?

Flu shots are being pushed aggressively by doctors and pharmacies, and even the CDC.  Some people take them as recommended, while others resist particularly when it comes to their children. What are flu shots, and how are they made? Seasonal influenza is usually... read more

Screen Time for Kids? What are Pros and Cons?

Think about the evolution of the human race — from nomads wandering the savannah to crowds of people standing or walking around while looking at tiny screens in their hands! I know everyone is asking the question: What are we coming to? What is the next step in... read more

Probiotics: Scam or Healing?

Natural medicine circles have seen a recent spate of advertising and articles promoting probiotics. Simultaneously there are controversies over effectiveness of probiotic products. What are probiotics anyway? Intestinal bacteria compromise hundreds, even thousands of... read more

Good Grades to Get into a Good College? EXERCISE!

School is starting just now in US and Europe and many parts of the world. Naturally, parents are concerned that their kids optimize learning. In an era when grades measure progress in school and often determine the quality of college acceptances, pressure is on to get... read more

Summer Activity: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica! What to Do?

Back and neck pains arise from many of causes – from acute injury to chronic arthritis to hereditary misalignment to even serious conditions such as cancer.  Summer is a good time to get in good shape, but we commonly overstrain ourselves. If you want to know more... read more

Stress! What Can You Do?

Stress is there for ALL of us! All of the time, even! Cavemen and Cavewomen experienced it in the bush when confronted with enemies or predators, or famine or drought, or storms, or illnesses. Modern life is plagued with money issues, job issues, getting education for... read more

Loud Snoring? Sleep Apnea is Life-Threatening!

Snoring has been a bane of human sleep for eons. Sometimes it is benign, but increasingly our lifestyle has brought snoring to the level of a serious medical condition — Sleep Apnea. Dr. Mercola, a reliable medical blogger, estimates that 75% of people who snore... read more

Zika: Spread by Earth’s Most Dangerous Animal, MOSQUITO!

Zika virus is the recent scare in the news! It is another in a long line of zoonoses — diseases transmitted from one species to another. Zika is a subtle yet damaging disease, transmitted by mosquito. According to WHO, mosquitoes kill 725,000 people a year! The... read more

Sunburn: What Can Be Done?

Sunburn is a real issue in the season of Northern latitudes! Everyone does what they can to avoid the pain. However, it helps to have valid information rather than having to rely on commercial advertising! What is Sunburn Exactly? Of course, sunburn comes from too... read more

Thyroid Fad: Over-Treatment Based on TSH!

Commonly people go for annual physicals in order to catch problems ahead of time –a very reasonable attitude. Sometimes this leads to unnecessary anxiety if normal lab values are not truly representative of danger. Cholesterol testing is one example mentioned in... read more

Antibiotic Overuse leading to Superbugs!

Antibiotics, develop in the 1940’s, could well be the greatest contribution to mankind coming from medicine! They lengthened average lifespan, and drastically reduced infant mortality. Nowadays, most infections in the developed world are due to viruses rather... read more

Wheezing in Small Children: Alternative to Inhalers!

When daycare-age children get a cold, they often have wheezing — even usually! Parents then tend to go on the internet and begin equating “wheezing” with “asthma,” which can sometimes be serious and lead to emphysema late in life.... read more

Parenting toward Optimal Health

It’s one thing to work on all the ways to be healthy yourself as an individual. Now you are a parent! How do you parent your children in such a way that they grow into optimal health?  All the same definitions and principles described in this blog applies, and... read more

Pets: Are They Good for Health or Not?

At some point families, and even individuals, ask the question, “Should we get a dog or a cat?” Of course a puppy or a kitten can be a lot of work in the house-breaking phase, and grooming and vet bills are ongoing. Some people worry about germs and... read more

Cellphone Healing! Star Trek Tricorder is Here!

Summer is almost here. School is out for many people. It’s time for new activities, being outdoors, traveling! Wonderful opportunities abound! Along with this, new challenges come as well. Injuries, sprains, back problems, etc.,  come with unaccustomed hiking,... read more

Purpose Beyond Self: Cultivating Global Awareness

In early blogs, we considered a profound Definition of Health, a rare notion in medicine. It actually becomes a yardstick or measure of whether any activity or healing endeavor is really helping or hurting. Meditating on this is important for every individual, no... read more

GMO Foods: Helpful or Harmful?

Have you followed the GMO controversy? It is a bit complex to understand, to be sure, and comprehensive scientific evidence is not yet established. Still, it is true that a high percentage of our food supply is already GMO, and labelling is not required. If it’s a... read more

High Blood Pressure: What’s Normal? What to do?

Do you know your blood pressure? Both the high number and the low number? And if you do, do you know what it means? Most people can quote their total cholesterol number, but are pretty vague about their blood pressure. And blood pressure is actually more important!... read more

Cholesterol Numbers: Science or Marketing Myth?

Do you know your serum cholesterol number? The vast majority of people can quote at least their total cholesterol, and perhaps even their LDL or HDL, even when they have no idea what their BP is! Is cholesterol really related to heart disease? What is the evidence?... read more

Sun Exposure: Do you need bio-active Vitamin D3?

Do you have Vitamin D deficiency? Of course you do! There seems to be a major fad in medicine in the last four or five years to screen for Vitamin D. In my practice, nearly every patient reports a deficiency of Vitamin D; and only three have reported normal levels!... read more

Microbiome, the OUTSIDE immune system protective shield!

Is the adage “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” really true? Many mothers and house-keepers follow TV commercials and are constantly cleaning surfaces and keeping their kids from eating food off the floor. Washing hands frequently and showering or bathing daily is a... read more


Look around! Have you noticed how most people are overweight? You have heard about the obesity epidemic, but why should you care? For you, is it about your appearance? Do your clothes no longer fit? Is it about how you feel when you try to exercise? Are you thinking... read more

Diarrhea: sudden and incapacitating!

Diarrhea is a symptom that can occur in a wide  variety of circumstances. Essentially, diarrhea is the experience of having frequent watery stools, with or without cramping or pain (called tenesmus). Essentially the process comes from irritation of the lining of the... read more

FEVER: Friend or Foe in Acute Ailments?

Fever has many causes, but its physiological dynamic is the same in all cases. For this reason, fever can be treated when the appropriate eRemedy is chosen. To get immediate relief, you can go directly to, where you will... read more

What You Can Do to Optimize Your Health

People frequently want to know what they can do to optimize their health. What diet should you follow? Which vitamins? What kind of exercise? In the next several blogs I will present my opinions based on clinical practice, common sense, and the literature. The first... read more

Laws of Cure. How to know cure vs. suppression

Homeopathy, Tibetan Medicine, and Chinese Medicine have always been sensitive to the issue of cure vs. suppression. This understanding has helped them to be truly curative in their outcomes. George Vithoulkas, one of the most famous homeopaths of the current era, has... read more

DNA Animated by Its Own Energy Field

DNA has an energy field that shapes its code. All forms of Energy Medicine have extensive experience with healing by manipulating energy fields. Standard (allopathic) medicine generally balks at this concept. They think in terms of chemical-level interactions along... read more